Bull Smoke Review and Discount Codes

blkreviewbullsmokeThe very tempting Bull Smoke, one of the recent e-cigarette brands launched in the market is getting remarkable reviews and acceptance by customers. This company focus on producing products with best personal appeal.

Their goal is to provide distinctive e-cigarette products to the customers who really want to switch from tobacco to a healthier smoking. They provide one of the cheapest starter kits with perfect vapor production and nice throat kick along with clean tobacco flavors.

We at BLK reviews, decided to do a full blown Bull Smoke review.

Here’s the verdict

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The exceptional feature that makes e-cigarettes more realistic is a LED light on the tip that imitates the look of a real cigarette. Its natural look makes it easy for consumer to smoke in crowd. The e-cig has an elegant two piece design and nice feel of vapes. The e-cig package is packed with nice array of items with picture of electrifying angry bull on it and an exact slogan ‘More vapour, No Bull’. Bull Smoke provides two types of starter kits named Ranch Hand and City Slicker.

Both kits contain:
Two batteries
10 cartomizers.
One USB charger
One wall charger
The only difference between the two starters kits are the inclusion of flavours of cartomizers. The Ranch Hand kit includes more tobacco type flavours whereas the City Slicker kit includes more innovative fruity flavours. The traditional cigarettes smokers will definitely love Ranch Hand kit and beginners will like the City slicker kit.
Admirable Battery and Performance
The batteries come in three sizes: short, long and extra-long, and are available in manual and automatic versions. The short one is a 65mm battery capable of producing up to 150 gusts, the long battery is a 79mm battery proficient of producing up to 200 gusts and the extra-long 110mm battery is capable of generating up to 300 gusts. The batteries are available in different exalting colours like white, black and yellow. The batteries included in Ranch hand kit are 4.2 Volt extensive-life lithium-ion batteries.
These batteries can be used from four hours to three days depending on their types and consumer’s vaping patterns. Bull Smoke provides automatic versions of battery that enables customer to get good vaping experience. All the batteries have wonderful looks, sleek finish and good performance.
Interesting E-liquids and wonderful Cartomizer
Bull Smoke offers extremely exotic flavours and easy to swap cartomizers to its users. They offer different levels of nicotine ranging from 2.4% to 0%. All the e-liquids and cartomizers are tested twice on batch basis to ensure high quality products.  The various flavours that Bull Smoke offers are:
American Ranger (Tobacco Blend)
Refined Blend (Tobacco Blend)
Turkish Tobacco
Menthol Breeze
Coffee Roast
Sweet Vanilla
Chocolate Treat
Grape Escape
These all flavours are really rich in taste and are suitable for all types of smokers whether a strong smoker or a light smoker. Bull Smoke also proposes easy to replace cartomizers to its users. These cartomizers have long-lasting time, reasonably cheap price and are guileless to install. To replace the cartomizer, user had to simply disassemble the mouthpiece and after sliding the cartomizer put the mouthpiece back to its original position.  Also the e-cigarette look alike a traditional cigarette so it can provide user a camouflage of being an original tobacco cigarette. So it is a good and highly recommended option for consumer who wants to quit smoking and live healthier life.
Sensational Vapor Experience
The vapors have great clean taste, better than any other two piece cigarette brand. Bull Smoke Ranch Hand tobacco flavours are the best tobacco flavours ever used. They give user a delicate throat kick and nice vaping experience.  The nicotine kick with 1.8% strength is really good. The 2.4% nicotine strength is regarded similar to non-filter analog cigarettes. The vapors produced are dense enough to give an effective vapour experience.
Exceptional services
Warranty/Guarantee: The Bull Smoke offers lifetime warranty for all the charging devices including USB charger and wall charger. They offer one year warranty on batteries. The Bull Smoke has increased the attention of the customers by making these offers to them and has earned great positive reviews from its customers.
The Customer Service: The have pretty good customer service. The helpdesk executives are always available for customers. Bull Smoke listens to every customer and politely solves the issues.

In Verdict
Bull Smoke is well broadcasted e-cigarette brand known for its cool looking e-cigs and great vapor production. The feel and appearance of their e-cigarettes are really very substantial as compared to traditional cigarettes. Bull Smoke had remarkably put lots of efforts in improving the appearance and quality of e-cigs. They had successfully maintained a balance between quality and price of their products.
The cartomizer volume they provide is equal to 21 traditional cigarettes with a worthy vaping experience and nice throat kick. They had successfully allured the customers with their lifetime warranty offer on charging devices and one year warranty offer on lithium-ion batteries. The kits they offer are comprehensively complete, attention-grabbing and eye-catching. Bull Smoke provides great e-juice with astounding flavours and taste.

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