Electronic Cigarettes – What You Need to Know Getting Started

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blkeciggettingstartedAn electronic cigarette (e-cig) is a cigarette which works on a battery instead of ignited fire. There are many studies which show that using an E-cig is less harmful than the original tobacco cigarette.

There are some points to be noted before you buy your first electronic cigarette.

For example, not all batteries are compatible with the particular e-cig that you have bought. Moreover, e-cigarettes come in many shapes and sizes, some resembling the real cigarettes while some others look like pens.

What are the Types of Electronic Cigarettes?

There are two types of e-cigs: disposables and refillable.

blkdisposablerefillableecigsA disposable e-cig looks similar to a real tobacco cigarette.

They cannot be refilled, containing a cartridge which can be changed. Out of the two categories, disposables are the ones which can be used easily. But the disadvantage is that disposables don’t offer assorted flavors. They also don’t have as much vapor strength as that of the refillable e-cigs.

Refillable ecigs are more commonly used as they emit more vapors which gives the feel of a real cigarette. They also offer a variety in the flavors giving customers more options for customization.

These e-cigs contain three components, namely the battery, an atomizer or e-liquid and a tank to fill the e-liquid.

So, while the disposables only look like the original cigarettes, a refillable ecig gives the actual feel of the real thing.

Some of the top ecig brands that you should look at include V2 cigs, Halo, and Green Smoke.

What is a Throat Hit?

A throat hit refers to the tingle that a smoker feels at the back of the throat when inhaling the smoke of an electronic cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the throat hit felt with an e-cig differs based on the level of nicotine strength of the e-liquid used in it.

There are people who prefer a mild throat hit and yet others who want a really strong throat hit. Depending on your preference, you can choose the nicotine level for your e-cig.

What do I expect with the Cost of E-cigs?

While buying your first ecig, opt for one which is neutral in cost. It should not be very cheap nor too expensive. As the product is something which can affect your health in some way, buy a good quality e-cig from a reputed seller to avoid buying one with leaking tanks or cheap batteries.

There are starter kits which come with all the components of refillables – be sure to check out our best ecig brand reviews and the money saving coupons from each.

Safety among Ecigs

It is always safe to buy the electronic cigarette from reputed sellers so that you have a guarantee as well as good quality product. The CE mark can be found on genuine products showing that they comply with European Safety standards.

Options for e-liquid- E-liquids come in different flavors, from mild to strong smells.

You can also customize e-liquid by mixing flavors.

Also before you buy, check out our best ecig brands and top coupons listed below.

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