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August 6, 2016

Fear of Legalizing Nicotine

A new movement of fear in Australia regarding nicotine in ecigs.

It is worried young folks could be motivated to take up smoking if nicotine is enabled to be used in electronic cigarettes.

Ecigs are legal in Australia however possession and the sale of the nicotine is not legal.

The suggestion comes from the New Nicotine Coalition, a not for profit body that urge alternatives that are safer to tobacco smoking

Alliance spokeswoman Donna Darvill says it is ” foolish ” to prohibit low-strength nicotine when mortal tobacco cigs can be bought at any petrol station

But specialists warn the medicines regulator will be bombarded by large tobacco firms, looking to cigarette as another chance to get people hooked

Tobacco giant Philip Morris sells e cigarettes in some European nations and Japan, while electronic cigarette business Nicoventures is owned by British American Tobacco

“They’ll receive a high number of fully commercially driven entries from those who view this as a chance to make a lot of cash, ” University of Sydney public health Professor Simon Chapman said on Friday

He says large tobacco has not taken its foot off the accelerator when it comes to opposing tobacco management.

Businesses are taking authorities to court over clear – lobbying against tobacco tax and packaging laws.

There was signs raising worries about the security of e-cigarettes injuries and from nicotine

Prof Chapman says signs from the Poland and US demonstrates cigarette are acting as a gateway to smoking for young folks.

It could also become a crutch preventing smokers from quitting entirely, he warns

But tobacco treatment specialist Colin Mendelsohn says there is no evidence to imply e-cigarettes are used as a gateway to smoking.

E-cigarettes are a “brilliant ” choice to help individuals stop smoking, he says…

What say you?

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